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November 2016 What to do Now-

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping there are many of us who don’t really want to be in the garden, we would rather watch someone else! However November is a good time of year to plan next year’s spring bulb display, it is the perfect time of year to plant Tulips and you can still plant all other types of spring flowering bulbs. I find it useful to wait until now to plant all of the bulbs instead of just planting the Tulips now as you are likely to dig up bulbs that you have just planted.


In terms of planting in the garden there isn’t really much you can do, if you have ordered any bare root plants either trees or shrubs these will start to arrive from the nursery in November and it is your choice weather you want to plant them in the garden or place in pots in the greenhouse. The one thing that is perfect for planting now are Magnolia Trees and no matter the tree you have chosen you are sure to get a stunning display next spring. Of course there is always time for planting bedding and at this time of year it is especially important to plant for winter colour with winter pansies always being a firm favourite but also combining with cyclamen, brassica and cordyline’s, even giving summer bedding a run for their money!


Look out for Decembers festive Blog.





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