Our Services


We design planting schemes.

To ensure that the planting scheme is perfect for the area we assess the location and come up with a plan for planting.


Once designed we plant.

When the design is complete we source the plants and make the design come to life with our unique planting style.


Once planted we maintain.

For our exclusive customers we also offer maintenance packages so that your outdoor spaces look good all year round.

Domestic Landscaping Services

KW Plant Nurseries provides professional support for every phase of your project. We take care of everything, from providing advice at the outset to providing support after completion.


Choose from a variety of options, ranging from a full planning service to individual advice, from the practical integration of existing elements to a complete redesign. Our work is always of the very highest standard.

We take on certain domestic projects that meet with our criteria of a job, it is simple realily, if the job has been dismissed by other saying thta it is too hard or they can't meet the specifications we will. We pride ourselves on being able to take on jobs that no other landscaping firm can, most of this is down to the fact the we understand gardens and the plants that thrive in them that is why all of our work is fully garenteed.

Commercial Landscaping Services

We are specalists in commecial landscaping and have completed many planting schemes and have a wealth of ideas and inspurations.

We handle planning permission procedures and are happy to oversee and manage the site. Making your life a lot easier.

Function, design and budget: three elements we always take into account when planning and landscaping your outdoor spaces.

Another important aspect of commercial landscaping from the perspecrive of the nursery is bedding plants. From the vast displays of summer bedding to the promice of colour in the winter, we extensivly use bedding to bring otherwise boring and drab spaces to life. As this website develops we will put up a gallery of all of our bedding plant schemes for you to admire and to aspire to. 

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